Dementia Carer Workshop Feedback

The Dementia Carer Workshop Feedback we receive confirms to us that our work is important and effective.

Dementia Carer health risk

When we deliver our workshops we meet all kinds of people faced with situations and responsibilities which would challenge the best of us. Many are at breaking point.  Their own needs are being sidelined whilst they are trying to do their very best for everyone else.  With restricted knowledge or understanding and little or no support, the dementia carer’s own health is at serious risk. This is a time bomb waiting to go off.

Positive news

Our customers seek us out to let us know the positive impact our dementia carer workshop has had on them. I have kind permission to share one such example with you.

In July 2017 we delivered two dementia carer workshops to the British Library (London and Boston Spa) .

The British Library hosted two dementia carer workshops

In September we heard that they had set up a Dementia Carer Network and Carer Buddies, which was excellent news. Then on 3rd January I received Sarah’s email:

Positive workshop feedback

Good Morning Mary

Way back in July 2017 on your visit to British Library I promised I would get in touch post workshop to let you know how I got on and finally I am able to come back to you with positive news of progress.

When you visited you may recall I was saturated with responsibility and exhausted with caring despite having regular respite.

You gave me some fantastic ideas, following which I took out a funeral plan for mum and put in place a health and welfare Power of Attorney (PoA) (which I did online through the Office of the Public Guardian/gov website). Those practical steps really helped and ultimately the PoA enabled me to sort out the appropriate care and act to address the situation.

Mum is now in a care home on a permanent basis. She went in on 22 November. This is due to me having obtained the PoA.

Mum is doing really well. She has no anxiety, her grey complexion has turned a wonderful peachy colour. She is getting entertained, has company and is fed and watered regularly at times better suiting her needs.

Mum’s personal hygiene and medication is now much better managed.

Initially she was admitted to the residential unit and within 24 hours she was moved to the dementia unit. The move was no surprise to me as I had been living with her good initial presentation and skills at concealing her condition for some time.

Mum had some behavioural issues and traits at home that finally necessitated admission; wandering , inability to settle if left alone, bringing strangers into the home and needing male attention and pursuing it in an inappropriate manner. The latter behavioural issue remains but the wandering risk is much better managed and largely no longer exists due to the security that the home can and does have in place.

I am engaged with social services as I have been since May. It’s a process going nowhere fast and I am convinced the process exists to defer and delay. The only finalised report is my carers report and that was completed and submitted by carers resource during one emotional outburst and attempt to find help on my part. The care needs assessment is not yet finalised due to errors and omissions and that is now with me to correct and add detail. Nothing has happened regarding a financial assessment and Mum is down to her last £20K or so.

Had I not had the PoA I could not have got mum into the home, despite social services recognition of the carer breakdown that existed. Having mum in the home has facilitated addressing the administrative battles that are on-going.

I do have some way to go and am confident that I will get there in terms of ensuring mum continues to be appropriately supported and having the appropriate plan/funding in place to pay for the care.

I am so grateful for the clarity, direction and support that you provided which enabled me to make this progress. Thank you.

With best wishes for 2018

Kindest regards