Typical issues for dementia carers

Working dementia carers

Typical issues for dementia carers

Dementia carers are often invisible in the workplace because they do not generally discuss their situation. Unable to fully comprehend, thinking others will not understand, or that it could negatively impact their work or career.

“I look after my father who has Alzheimer’s, but I wouldn’t dream of telling my employer.”

Dementia carers feel guilty and confused about grieving for the person they have lost before they have died. They feel guilty about not being able to grieve when the person dies, as this was not the person they had known.

It is impossible to predict or prevent the emergency situations that a dementia carer may have to deal with.

The potential impact on the health of a dementia carer is significant, but their own needs are often overlooked. If they fall over, who will care for their person with dementia?

Workers caring for a person with dementia may be getting no respite whilst working full-time, providing many hours of care (even if the person is in a residential setting) and still managing their other responsibilities.

Effective improvements for working dementia carers

  • The isolation and vulnerability felt by dementia carers can be greatly reduced when they are able to share experiences, or offer one another support.
  • A supportive workplace and understanding management can greatly reduce stress and emotional turmoil for dementia carers – and encourage them to prioritise their own health.