Effective support for working dementia carers

Effective support for working carers

Work can be a lifeline of normality to a dementia carer, providing financial security, social connections and skills. Managed badly it can also be an additional stress they cannot bear.

Job satisfaction and the confidence a good working environment brings can reduce the negative impact on health. Our people are difficult and expensive to replace, so it makes sense to support them to be able to stay.

“ If I had not been supported I would have felt that I had no choice but to leave.”

Delivering the Dementia Friends programme at work will increase awareness and understanding of dementia. Removing the taboos and stigma around dementia will significantly support any dementia carers working for you.

Carer support can come in many forms but, for dementia carers, the most effective is face-to-face.

“ My counsellor told me that being listened to when I needed it most was fundamental to my recovery.”

Supporting dementia carers is not a tick-box exercise. You will know if you are getting it right, through positive feedback, discretionary effort and staff retention – from carers and non-carers alike.