Suicide First Aid – you never know when you might need it!

Suicide First Aid through Living Works

This Suicide First Aid two day course is life changing as much as it is life enabling. You never know when you might need it! Learn the right skills to confidently and safely negotiate the Pathway for Assisting Life (PAL). It could help somebody you know and care about, a work colleague or a complete stranger.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

– is a two day interactive course with plenty of breaks
– is very well tested and designed – a consistent experience
– allows you to practice in a safe environment
– provides you with valuable life skills and tools
– is affordable
My personal thanks for all their hard work to our two excellent, professional, accredited trainers: Dave Lacey 32011 and Chukumeka Maxwell 32128.
Feeling better prepared to deal with a potential suicide situation is an aspiration whole communities would benefit from and these guys are aiming for a future with zero suicide in Devon. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Looking after ourselves was important too.  Following our ‘homework’ we now have a few extra ideas to add to our repertoire… including long bike rides and making coconut ice cream!

Through our role play I gained more knowledge about the farming community and some of the unique issues they face. Thank you everyone for such frank insight.

Next steps

– I will definitely make enquiries and spread the word to my entrepreneur colleagues,  from the School for Social Entrepreneurs, about booking this excellent venue in the future. An ideal space for a workshop, it had all the requirements of parking/ accessibility/ spacious and light. I await further booking information from Alice…(no pressure!)
– Maybe in the future I will be able to help farmers who are or have been dementia carers. Rural communities need support for their dementia carers. Improving information and understanding about dementia can reduce their stress so that it does not unnecessarily add to others they are facing in their work lives.
– I wish everyone on the course all the best in the future and hope they will feel the rest of us with them the first time their training is needed in earnest.

Is Suicide First Aid something you could do?

If you haven’t ever considered attending an ASIST course, look it up. We should all be doing it – Suicide First Aid is just as important as Physical First Aid and we should not be afraid to talk about it.