Dementia Carer Friendly Workplace

How we help

We have developed some unique and practical tools to guide you and help your organisation get started:

  • The Model: Feedback from my two-year pilot study of a Dementia Carer Friendly Met Office showed a range of benefits felt by carers and non-carers alike. We are now developing my Model in other organisations. Contact us so we can help you tailor my Model to suit your workplace.
  • The Principles: By improving understanding of dementia and providing practical face-to-face support, we can improve the health and wellbeing of this vulnerable group of employees so they can continue to work and care. If you wish to align your organisation to the Principles of a Dementia Carer Friendly Workplace, we can guide you on this.
  • Carer Passport: We also can provide a Dementia Carer Passport template, a document to be used as a useful point of reference between line manager and carer.
  • Dementia Carer Away Days: Allowing companies and organisations to give and demonstrate practical support for working dementia carers while fulfilling duties of Corporate Social Responsibility, we run popular Dementia Carer Away Days.
  • Help for Carers:¬†Of immediate interest to working carers, we also provide some useful information and links on the Help for Carers page.

In 2013, Carers Trust carried out a survey in which 82% of dementia carers questioned said that caring had adversely affected their ability to work. Three valued Met Office employees told us that without support, they would have had no choice but to leave.

Adopting the 4DementiaCarers Model and Principles will demonstrate recognition, leadership and will provide great practical support for working dementia carers, helping them become more engaged and more likely to remain effective members of your team.