Dementia Carer Zoom Network

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Date & Time

10 March 2022
2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

Event description

Support for Dementia Carers

Dementia Carer Zoom Network

Join our Dementia Carer Zoom Network meetings if you are impacted by a person’s dementia, in any way, now or in the past.

For every person who has a dementia, there will be many more impacted by that person’s dementia.  We provide support for unpaid dementia carers.  Our meeting also offers peer support, understanding and dementia knowledge, even explaining ways you can reduce your own risk of dementia. By improving your own health and well-being you will feel less stressed and anxious.

Why are we still holding Zoom meetings?

Our weekly online Zoom meeting for dementia carers during the Covid lockdowns highlighted a need to provide dementia carer support regardless of location. Our monthly Dementia Carer Network Zoom meeting removes any location barrier. Tell your friends and relatives.

How can I get the details for the meeting?

If you are interested in taking part, please contact us for details and we will email them to you. Your email will not be shared.

Why support dementia carers specifically?

Dementia carers often do not recognise themselves as such. They do not find it easy to discuss their situation. It can be impossible for dementia carers to read documentation on the subject or computer-generated help – they just do not have the headspace. What dementia carers really benefit from is being able to talk to someone and being listened to.

“My counsellor told me that being listened to when I needed it most, was fundamental to my recovery”

Did you know that dementia carers are at risk of suicide? They are dealing with shocking and unexpected situations which could not have been predicted or prevented. We need to understand how to  to plan for the things we can predict. This will reduce our stress and anxiety as we will only be dealing with the unpredictable when it happens.

Dementia carers are invisible, with little or no support. Sharing your issues and hearing what others are going through makes you feel less isolated and alone. Becoming a dementia carer is not an uncommon situation to be in, but it is not one we have chosen. Sometimes it is too difficult to share the difficulties of your situation, even with those close to you. This group is a safe place to express your feelings and concerns. Having been there too, we understand and want to help you.

How does it work?

This session focuses primarily on any current issues, but it also covers a range of useful topics.  This can include self- support, education, signposting and understanding, but we are interested in your needs primarily.

  • It is harder for the carer to get support when a person with a dementia refuses to get diagnosed.  You are welcome to attend this meeting whether  or not the person’s dementia has been diagnosed.
  • The benefit of a Zoom meeting is that it is accessible wherever you live.
  • No travel costs or inconvenience!
  • If you are free at the right time, regardless of whether you are working or not working, then please join us.
  • It can be helpful to belong to this group even if your person with dementia is no longer with us. Your insights and tips could help others, whilst we can help you to come to a better understanding of things which have happened in the past.

Although this is only a short meeting,  it has proved a lifeline to  dementia carers. We would love to help you and hear your stories and issues.   If you have any questions or would like more details please do contact us.

For the latest dates of our meetings, please go to our Events page