An aware and supportive workplace for dementia carers

The stigma, fear and lack of understanding surrounding dementia means we are often unaware of its impact on dementia carers in our workplace in terms of health, productivity and recruitment.

Dementia carers typically have a poor work/carer/life balance and are at significant risk to their own health. My proven model was a lifeline to the health and wellbeing of this vulnerable group. Supported and less isolated, they were able to continue working and caring more effectively.

Act now

With an ageing population, this is a growing issue we should not ignore. Whether you are a carer or an employer, I can tailor my model to your organisation. The effort is small in relation to the benefits.

Benefits for Employers

  • Reduces sickness and stress at work
  • Shows that you are a caring employer
  • Demonstrates management leadership
  • Improves employee retention and output
  • Saves time and money on recruitment

Benefits for Dementia Carers

  • Supports workers touched by dementia
  • Provides awareness and practical help
  • Helps working carers feel less isolated
  • Improves your work / home life balance
  • A ‘carer buddy’ is at hand, when needed

“Having spoken to Mary, just a few short minutes later I felt uplifted, supported and less isolated. I felt listened to and understood.”


I found your training inspiring, I came away feeling energised and equipped with new skills and confidence.

Sarah – Empathy not Apathy Workshop

“Way back in July 2017 on your visit to British Library I promised I would get in touch post workshop to let you know how I got on and finally I am able to come back to you with positive news of progress.

When you visited you may recall I was saturated with responsibility and exhausted with caring…”  read more at Positive workshop feedback

Sarah – British Library Workshop

Thank you for presenting at the Devon Nursing Conference held on 9th May. Your contribution to the event was greatly valued and your talk was extremely well received. Naomi Caney

“I just wanted to say – thank you for such a lovely interview this morning. It was a pleasure to talk to you and hear the good you’ve been doing at the Met Office.”

Matt Woodley, Presenter: Good Morning Devon

“Thank you so much for taking part in all of the sessions – you’re clearly a great inspiration to many people and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about your work!”


“My Counsellor told me that having somebody listen to me when I most needed it was fundamental in my recovery. I was very traumatised by my mother’s dementia and other stresses in my life. I wanted to personally thank you for setting up support for dementia carers at the Met Office.”

Employee – Met Office